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Chincoteague Bay · Eastern Shore Virginia

At Toby Island Bay, there is a story behind every oyster and
our community's relationship with them.  Chincoteague Bay's
celebrated waters have produced sustainable oysters since the 1800s, and here at Toby Island Bay, we are ardently committed to
continuing this proud tradition.


Past June’s Cove, West Bay Tump, Greenbank Bay, and Ragged Point, a little south of Virginia Creek, and just off Great Neck - you'll find Toby Island Bay. 


Unless directed otherwise, with a blink of an eye, one might just miss it entirely.


Despite it's remote obscurity, we think this little isolated landscape of duck blinds, cordgrass, wild ponies, loblolly pines, and salt-laden winds is pretty special. We know that you will too.



Our oysters are 28-33 parts per thousand (ppt) in salinity. More salt forward than your typical bay oyster.


On average an oyster from the Chesapeake Bay range from 10-20 ppt in salinity.


Toby Island oysters are a brinier offering, with a fresh salty front, a rich sweet umami middle, and a crisp clean finish - indicative of the nationally protected waters of Chincoteague Bay. 

Neighborhood Markets

We are a boutique operation and sell our oysters locally and at DC-area farmers’ markets.

Salts Seafood

In-Season Hours: Wed-Sun 2 - 9 pm

Off-Season Hours: Thur-Sat 4 - 9 pm

4522 Chicken City Road

Chincoteague, Virginia 23336

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