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Littleneck Soup



This recipe is a ‘Heart Smart’ rendition of the Italian Zuppa di Vongole.

Serves 10 or more.





100 littleneck clams 1 Jumbo head garlic, minced small

1½ onion, small diced

15 small fresh red tomatoes, concasse (just the meat), medium diced or 12 large Concasse-core, scored, blanched, shocked, peeled, and seeded

3 quarts clam juice, bottled or canned

As needed: good olive oil, salt and pepper


Limes sliced thin

I bunch parsley, chopped fine








Step 1

Heat to a medium high temperature a large round sauté pan with high sides (a rondeau). Add olive oil to coat the bottom.


Step 2

When that gets good and hot add diced onions


Step 3

Sauté quickly, then add minced garlic, stirring all the time.


Step 4

After the onions have turned translucent add tomatoes. Sauté for 2-3 minutes.


Step 5

Add the clam juice and raise the heat to a boil.


Add clams. Use tongs to remove clams as they open and put in a container.


After all the clams have opened, return them to the cooking pan, salt and pepper to taste.


Serve immediately. Place 10 clams in a large, heated bowl, ladle broth and veggies over the clams. Garnish with a twisted lime slice and parsley.




From the Bay Creek Resort and Club (Aqua Restaurant) in Cape Charles, on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

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