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Gef Flimlin’s Clams with White Wine & Garlic



1 tbsp olive oil

2 diced garlic cloves

40-50 littleneck clams

1/2 cup dry white wine

Chopped parsley for garnish




Step 1


Get a skillet that has a decent bottom and a lid for it.


Step 2


Put olive oil in the heated pan, plus garlic cloves.


Step 3


Add clams, and let them get a bit warm in the pan so the pan itself is hot.


Step 4


Add wine and cover.


Step 5


Shake periodically…..the pan, not yourself.


Step 6


It should take about 7-8 minutes with the lid on to have them all open up. Some might need a bit of urging.


Step 7


Finish with a little chopped parsley and serve.




Adapted by Judy Stein from “The Best American Recipes 1999” by Fran McCullough and Suzanne Hamlin

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